For a long time I was still obsessing over little bits and pieces that I didn’t like of those films, and I just had to accept at a certain point that basically my acting lessons, both good and bad, are all committed to film. That’s what I learned in front of people for ten years, and there will be some moments in it that I’m really proud of and some moments that I go, ‘Oh my God, what are you doing?’ But you learn and you improve. That’s the only way you can grow.




aries - stop obsessing over kanye

taurus - chill

gemini - whatever fuckin turtle

cancer - don’t name your first born child harold

leo - nice rack

virgo - little dweeb

libra - you remind me of squidward tentacles

scorpio - my dad

sagittarius - you play the piano with your hands not your feet what the fuck is wrong with you

capricorn - that’s enough memes for today

aquarius - probably illegal

pisces - how do dolphins sleep even

i'll play the piano with my fucking dick if i have to get my point across