i want a gay opera

a love triangle between a big and burly lumberjack, a big and sweet teddy bear of a baker, and an overpowering, but passionate Canadian Mountie set in an Early 1900 South Western Canadian Christan dominated town 

after a couple of romantic encounters, word of this love triangle reaches the town preacher and he sets on a “religious cleansing” by taking the baker and having the townspeople beat him and burn his bakery, then the lumberjack sets out to murder the preacher, but sees that he is a pathetic man and isn’t worth it, but the lumberjack is shot by a townsman and left for dead until the Mountie saves him and….




For a long time I was still obsessing over little bits and pieces that I didn’t like of those films, and I just had to accept at a certain point that basically my acting lessons, both good and bad, are all committed to film. That’s what I learned in front of people for ten years, and there will be some moments in it that I’m really proud of and some moments that I go, ‘Oh my God, what are you doing?’ But you learn and you improve. That’s the only way you can grow.